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Deciding on a career in real estate?

The hours in Real Estate, particularly in the early years are many and the effort required to succeed is very high.  However, while the effort required is high, so too can be the rewards!

As in most careers, a master of time is critical.  Truly successful achievers have plenty of free time, they master time management skills.

Selling Real Estate in Mudgee requires a lot of work time on weekends, after all the Mudgee Real Estate market is strongly influenced by the metropolitan, coastal and Blue Mountains markets and quite often weekends are times when these potential buyers plan to inspect and purchase properties in our area. 
The decision to pursue a career in Real Estate will require the whole-hearted support of your family, after all Real Estate can be very demanding on your family life.  By focusing on the ultimate benefits of a successful Real Estate career, a family feels part of the team.

 Real Estate has unfortunately, like all professions, no thanks to a small minority, not enjoyed the best public image.  However, this is changing rapidly, thanks to the introduction of strict new agency practice guidelines recently introduced by the Office of Fair Trading, coupled with the awareness from within the industry itself and its natural concern to remedy the image.

 You will need the ability to separate yourself from this perception.  It will take time for you to earn respect from our community.

Office systems at First National Real Estate Mudgee are client focussed and following our systems will quickly help you to earn the respect of your clients.

The most successful people in Real Estate are constantly improving.  You will need to dedicate to continuous training and improvement by studying the top achievers from the profession, reading as many Real Estate and personal development publications as possible and attending ongoing professional development training.

Always remember – the interests of your clients will be your major concern.

 You don’t necessarily have to have Real Estate experience to be successful in marketing Real Estate.  The most important characteristics are:

 1.  A strong desire and willingness to learn
2.  Honesty and integrity
3.  A strong work ethic
4.  An excellent character

The Real Estate industry is an exciting and rewarding industry and is a wonderful profession in which to enjoy a career.  The points previously mentioned are not designed to be off-putting, but simply to paint a true image.  Like all industries each has it’s good and its bad points and when making the important decision to change careers, or embark on a career in any profession, it is important to consider all aspects.

 If you would like to find our more about a possible career in the Real Estate Industry, feel free to make an appointment with the principals of First National Real Estate Mudgee.

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