ANTIQUE AUCTION - Uralla Showground Pavilion


Saturday, 8 September 2018 
Auction starts 10.30 am - viewing from 8 am Saturday

Uralla Showground Pavilion 
Catering by the Rotary Club of Uralla 
10% Buyer's Premium on all purchases - cash or EFTPOS payments only 











Items to include
1Bulk lot of glass bottles
2Bulk lot of glass bottles (2 x boxes)
3Bulk lot of glass bottles (2 x boxes)
4Bulk lot of LP records
5Clocks (x 3)
62 x shaving mugs
72 x clippers
8Crystal cut glass clock and candle holder
9Xylonite tie box and clothes brush
10Jewellery box and fob purse
11Set of three little frames
12Chocolate boxes x 3
133 x glass pieces
14Glass bottles mainly 1940s x 6
15Schweppes soda siphon
16Agee jar + Commonwealth fruit jar
173 x Menz biscuit tins
18Biscuit tins - Guests', Phoenix & Sunshine
19Boxed pair Selangor pewter mugs
20Nally three-tier canister
21Waratah aluminium bread bin
22Orange hand sifter + 7 x enamel plates
23Willow tray, Baret Ware biscuit barrel, tin
24Nally tea & coffee canisters, Willow cook's measure, 1950s Moldex egg cup
251950s set of 5 Gayware/Fethalite canisters
26Rolling pin with screw in scoop/funnel, blue glass sugar canister AF
276 x assorted vintage kitchenware
28Set of four Nally canisters AF
29Three tiered aluminium cake tin
303 x wooden rolling pins
31Prawn cocktail set, can opener, napkin holder
32Arnott's biscuit tin
33Ice bucket + three trays
34Set of four Chef Kitchenware aluminium canisters
35Camel thermos
36Novelty fire extinguisher decanter
37Green soda siphon + bulbs & book
382 x glass decanters + 2 x whisky pourers
39Soda siphon + West German stein
409 x mixed glass bottles
415 x glass Tamworth bottles including QP Products, Lillymans
429 x glass Armidale bottles including Ryans, WH Logan, New England CC
431918 Pick-Me-Up bottle + 2 x jars
44Picnic set
45Tooth's soda siphon + AGEE jar
461948 Schweppes soda siphon
471920s Landers, Frary & Clark USA travel beakers
483 x antique bottles
49c1900s Lackersteen's tomato sauce bottle
50Late 1800s/early 1900s beer bottles Glasgow
512 x whisky jugs
52Large tin full of tobacco tins
531970s lager jug & glass set
548 x glass cordial bottles Lismore, Casino, Gosford, Singleton etc
5510 x glass cordial bottles Yass, Wagga, Gunnedah, Narrabri etc
56Dietz blue glass hurricane lantern
572 x little hurricane lanterns
58c1900s copper port oil lamp
595 x ceramic insulators
6012 x small glass insulators
6115 x mixed glass insulators
624 x glass bottles - Lackersteen's, Tooth & Co etc
63Pair of 1950s G Durrant & Sons machinery plaques
642 x plaques - Famatex & Tulloch Ltd
65Vintage pair Sommerkamp walkie talkies
66Vintage shop paper roll dispenser
673 x cobbler's shoe lasts
681938 Singer sewing machine
692 x wooden hem measures
70Table cloth & bunch of table linen
711950s dress patterns and oblong box of sewing bits and pieces
72Leadlight jewellery box with sewing needles etc
73Macrobertson tin with wooden cotton reels
74Shoelaces, polish, brush etc
75Sewing basket and contents
761950s Morphy iron repair kit + electric iron
77Peek Frean tin with wooden cotton reels
78Art deco belt + two vintage belt buckles
79Five piece crystal cut dresser set
80Metal lidded cosmetics jar + guest wedding cake tin
814 x 1940s pharmacy bottles with bakelite lids
82Four piece crystal cut dresser set
83Nathco Japan bird figurine
84 2 x cast flat irons with one trivet
85Metters No.8 cast flat iron
86Blue speckled enamel iron
872 x radios and cassette box
88Pianola rolls & sheet music
89USSR bobble head doll + frame
90Vintage toys and lamp
913 x Commonwealth bank money boxes
922 x tin money boxes State Bank & Bank of NSW
93 3 decks cards and plastic cardholders
941970s garage + Mobil toy car
95Small box of vintage toy cars
96Tin express truck and two London buses
97Red tin plate toy car Japan
98Cuisenaire rods
99Box of 1970s/1980s games
1005 x 1950s/1960s games
101Etch-a-sketch + roller skates
102Carpet bowls
103Roulette wheel, mat & rules
104 Toy cash register and desk calendar
1051930s German toy projector
1061977 Radio Shack "Digital Computer"
1073 x 1960s boxed games
108Buddy L Typewriter in box
109Assorted games - draughts, quandongs, rummikub
1101950s WYN toy tractor
111Assorted children's books
112Squirrel nutcracker and frame
113Box of mixed toys, vintage lights
114Bob's Set in box
1152 x vintage Japanese children's mugs
1161920s Royal Doulton mug & child's cutlery
1172 x children's trios Japan
1182 x Woods England buttercup trios
1193 x lidded glass jars
120Four piece deco condiment set
1215 x glass jugs and dishes
122Basket of crockery
124c1950s RC Noritake part dinner service
1251960s Crown Lynn dinner set for 4
1261950s Kelston Potteries part dinner set
127Arcoroc France 4 x black cups and saucers
128c1930s Zeh Scherzer Bavaria teaset
1292 x Noritake cups and saucers
130c1920s Royal Winton Grimwades teapot
131Glass decanter + assorted glassware
1324 x cups & saucers/trios
1332 x sets glass beer mugs
134Royal Standard trios, cake plate, jug & bowl
135Grindley tureen
1361930s Carlton Ware fin handle bowl + Lancaster & Sandland leaf dish
137Pink glass bowl, 2 green butter dishes, hobnail dish with lid
138Frosted green glass vase + 3 glass bowls
1392 x hunting dog plates
1405 pieces Bavarian fruit plates/dishes
141Elijah Cotton Nelson Ware bowl
142Myott serving bowl
1431975 Norwegian Christmas plate + 8 pin dishes
1446 x vintage plates
14516 x assorted floral side plates
1465 x jugs/pots
147Box of crockery & glassware
1484 x jugs
149Silverplate & pewter goblets, jug, eggcup etc
150Box of misc large glass jars, glassware, jugs
151Box of salt & pepper shakers
152AGEE pyrex serving dish + glass dish
153Camping pot, pan, bowl, cup all-in-one
154Soda siphon
1558 x scallop shell servers
156Sugar canister, mouli & hand sifter
157Box of silver plate serving ware etc
1583 x clam shell servers
159EPNS tray, sugar bowls etc
1604 piece silver plate tea service
161Box of forks and spoons
162Boxed Myott serving set and cutlery bundle
1634 x vintage cake pans/trays
164Westminster silver plate tea service
165c1930s Hecworth silver plate coffee pot
166Carving set, boxed cake & fondue forks
167Vintage 'Cookie Kettle' Japan
168Boxed cake forks and spoons
1694 x Nally canisters
170Aluminium cake tin
1713 pieces antique Britannia metal
172Red 10lb Tower scales
173Large Ironstone bowl
174Set of 5 white Nally kitchen canisters
175Horlicks mixer
176c1920s Sheffield silver plate coffee pot
177Myott jug & 1930s Hanley cup & saucer
178Early 1900s etched glass jug
1792 pint ribbed glass measuring jug
180Willow bread bin
181Aluminium bread tin
182Rare 1910 Fowler Pottery ceramic canisters
183Yellow Sunbeam mixmaster - working
184Set of five Willow bird canisters
185Red glass vase
186Assorted vases, pottery
1872 x glass vases
1883 x white vases incl Wedgwood
1894 x ceramic vases
1902 x 1930s Homan Manufacturing Company silver plate vases
191Glass boat vase + 2 x footed bowls
1929 x glass decanters and bottles
193Assorted vintage jewellery
194Assorted badges
1953 x vintage brooches
196Cufflinks, tie clips + assorted jewellery
197Dorley ladies watch
198Brass belt buckle stamped 1907
199Deco brooch
200Deco belt buckle + pair shoe decorations
201Early 1900s real seal fur ornament
202c 1950s Rosenthal grouse figurine
2031938 Sydney Mail + 1911 Royal Durbar magazines
204c1940s stopwatch - working
205c1910 Chinoiserie fan
206Late 1800s Victorian cockade mourning fan
207c1900 pocket vesta case & chain
2081940s chequebook Bank of NSW
2091910s chequebook Commercial Bank of Australia
210Late 1800s J Legge & Co key
211Ear drum defenders & peep sight
212c 1930s Emca Boy Scout's whistle
213c1880s souvenir postcard book France
214Vintage makeup pots + pocket ashtray
2151920s Sir John Bennett silver plate vase
216c1850s compass in wooden case
217WWI British postcard
218Civil War Infantry insignia - 17th Regiment
219WW1 female relative badge
220Military bandsman's badge
221Victory Peace medals WWI & WWII
222Walker & Hall Sheffield 1902 silver vase hallmarked
2231911 Royal Doulton Sir Roger de Coverley jug
224Powder compact, glove hook & hat pin
225Late 1800s opium/gold scales with weights etc
226Vintage brass clinometer compass in case
227Player's Country Life cigarette tin
228Vintage Bengall razor in case
229Pair of Victorian figural napkin rings
230c1875 nose gay/tussie mussie
231Vintage stamps + pencil refills
232Inkwell + ink bottles
233Vintage stationery items + spectacles
234Kangaroo pen holder
235Vintage Australian, US, PNG stamps + perforation gauge & book
2363 x wall ducks - modern?
2374 x silver lighters + cigarette case
2383 x cigar boxes + Benson & Hedges tin
239Box of matchbox holders, matches, tins etc
240Cigar box & cigarette tins
241Lighters & razor accessories
2423 x "reckoner" books + Armidale Tablelands Timber Co wallet
2431928 English & Amateur Mechanics magazine + paraphernalia
244Advertising cards etc
245Door knocker, locks and keys
246Small box of door handles etc
247Mid 1800s stoneware ink bottles + bottle of green ink
248Wooden ammo box
249Military buttons, patches, badges - Aust and Soviet
250Australian Military Guides 1950s-1970s
251Australian Army Journals 1950s-1970s
252WWII pilot's buoyancy belts
253c1939 defence leather leggings + pair gaiters
254WWI British Army water bottle
255WWII Millbank water filter + document pouch
256Australian Intelligence Corps insignia
257WWII Officer's toiletry items + clothes brushes
258WWII Green & Co lighter + Whittingslowe opener
259Trench art made from 1915 German artillery shell
2601940 The War Illustrated + other military publications
261Vietnam War food ration pack
262WWII 1944 silk escape map Philippines + booklet
263Vietnam Aust & US issue pack, bottle & ammo case
2642 x 1916 war special LIFE magazines
265Vietnam Aust & US issue mess tin, bottle, ammo pouch
2661943 Admiralty portable signalling lantern
267WWII clinometer/compass on tripod
268Military photos, braids & shells etc
269Folder of WWII printed material on aircraft
270Assorted military themed books and magazines
2711916 The Anzac Book
2722 x 1916 editions of The Illustrated London News
27311 volumes of "The Great World War"
2745 x military books - Signals, Jungle Warfare etc
275Books - 1949 As You Were, Khaki & Green, The Story of Anzac
276Schlenker Sohne wall clock
277Metamec wall clock
278Clocks - Metamec, Unicorn + clock parts
279Vintage school bell
2802 x brass bells
2811938 Orchards Sydney mantle clock with key
2821890s Ericsson wall telephone
283Telephone box & bells
2841930s The Use & Care of the Telephone booklet
285Box of telephone parts
286Cream + bone telephones
287Cream rotary dial telephone unused
288GEC rotary dial grey telephone - working
2891930s Kellogg red bar telephone
2901930s Kellogg red bar telephone & magneto in box
291National stereo radio phonograph - working
292National reel to reel tape recorder
2932 boxes of gramophone records
294Children's records
2952 x 1920s gramophone loudspeakers
296Aldis slide projector
2971960s Sekonic mpovie projector
2981930s Kodak No.2 Model F brownie camera
2991950s Voigtlander Vito II camera
3001950s Argus 75 camera
301 1960s Kodak Retinette camera
3021930s Eastman Kodak Co bullet camera in box
3031950s Kodak Brownie 127 camera
3041950s AGFA box camera
305c1940s Six-20 Brownie C box camera
3062 x 1958 Brownie Model I box cameras
307Minolta Hi-Matic G + Kodak Instamatic cameras
3082 x 1970s Polaroid cameras
309Polaroid land camera and Kodak Handle camera
310c1950s Roman slide projector + little brown case
311Box of camera cases, dark room light, bottles etc
3121920s photo album
313Early 1900s photo album + negative wallets
3142 x 1960s Kodak catalogues + 1947 Photographic Almanac
3161883 Young England & 1905 Sunday Reading for the Young books
3178 x children's military books
3181980 Royal Canadian Mint double struck coin set
3191905 postcard album
320Stack of 1900s-1960s postcards
321c1960s Vaucluse Boys High School banner
322Little box of ephemera, amusement tokens etc
3231958 Wade Whimsies (x 3) + koala figurine
324Denkar microscope
325 Antique writer's compendium and contents
3261881 writer's box
327Buddy L Typewriter in box
328c1970s typewriter
3291920s Remington typewriter
3302 x black briefcases
331Brown overnight bag
332Brown satchel briefcase
333Leather first aid kit
334World globe
335Wooden stationery trays and boxes
336Wooden box with vintage laboratory glass
337Vintage box with medical equipment + test tubes etc
338c1940s first aid kit and contents
3395 x medical bottles + tonic boxes
3401960s first aid kit
341Elastoplast war time tin + other medical bottles and tins
342Dayspring First Aid cabinet
3435 x vintage food/medicine bottles with contents
344Meakin vanity dishes + beauty products
3451900s knife polish, vintage Brasso & methylated spirits bottle
346c 1930s Vegemite & Marmite jars
3471944 Lactogen tin + Bonlac milk tin
348Assorted food tins, jars, chocolate box
349Devondale & Peter's half gallon icecream tins
3507 x toffee & biscuit tins
3511956 Melbourne Olympics tin
3528 x assorted tins
353Retro bill sorter & cash box
354Five trays of vintage Meccano
355Tobacco leaf cutter
356Vintage brass & copper fire hose nozzle
357Simplex fire extinguisher
358c1950s Trico windscreen washer glass jar
359Antique carriage lamp
360Schrader copper foot warmer
361Fyrside Heater kerosene bottle
362Fowler Ware ceramic hot water bottle
363Railway baggage sign
364Early 1900s railway glass flask
365No 45 railway sign + spikes/nails
366Malley's butter churn and milk separator tin
3671930s AGEE glass fly trap
368Bicycle dynamo light + tyre repair kit
369Fish scaler, floats and sinkers
370Cast-Master metal sign
371Large 'Mit-A-Mit' hand drill
372Stanley hand drill + wooden mallet
373Rogers Belt hole punch 1903
3747 x oil cans
375Pressure gauges - Dunlop, RVB, NIC
376Navigational protractors + salter pocket scales
377Salter 50lb pocket scale
3782 x Rabone 3ft folding wooden ruler
379Assorted farm tools etc
3804 x grain bag hooks
381Rotina German meat slicer
382Meat slicer
383Metal sieve
384c1950s Rega Ded-Eze tyre pump
385Ernest H Hill Sheffield tyre pump
3862 x vintage tyre pumps
387Ernest H Hill Sheffield tyre pump
388Vintage leather running spikes
389White Aust made Lane tray scales
390White West German tray scales
391White Swedish made Salter tray scales
392Ajax 20lb hanging scales
39360lb American Family Scale patented 1912
394Salter Postal Parcel scales
395Salter & Co Family scale
3967lb scale with weights
397Carnegie & Layton 14lb shop scale
398Early 1900s converted barrel scales
399Griffin & George cased scientific scales
4004lb scale kitchen scale + assorted weights
402Golden Circle crate with bottles
403Bournville Cocoa enamel sign
404Railway Crossing sign
405Joyce Cridland railway jack
406Black book press
407Green book press
408Berrico & Gorilla Nails wooden crates
409Parsons Cornflour wooden box
410Venus Motor Spirits wooden crate
411Plume Motor Spirit/Vacuum Oil Company wooden crate
412Vacuum Oil Company wooden crate
413Cooper's Dipping Powder wooden crate
414Large Bushell's tea crate
415Set of 3 Regal suitcases
416Globemaster suitcase
417Pinnacle suitcase
4182 x little blue suitcases
419Fishing creel with leather strap
420Fishing creel
421c1920s split cane basket + wooden art case
422Malley's esky
423Wooden crate with 14 local cordial bottles
424Large stack of 1970s magazines
4251960s magazines + knitting patterns
426 Large crate of books - 1950s & 60s
427Vintage children's books + frame
4281930s & 40s books
4291920s books
4308 x framed botanical prints
4316 x framed military prints
4326 x small framed botanical prints
433Floral print + wedding photos etc
434Paintings, antique gun photos etc
435Norman Lindsay "Pan Pipes" facsimile etching
4361897 framed "Empire Makers & Breakers"
437Vintage roses framed
438c1950s Circulation of the Blood hanging chart
4394 x London bus destination blinds
440Deer head barometer
441Large Girl's Cinema hanging banner
442Pop up film screen
443Roman Chariot Race framed print
444Carlton bar mirror
445Large mirror
446Large mirror with etched flower
447Mirror with wooden frame
448Large mirror
449Large mirror
450Mirror with wooden frame
451Round mirror with gold edging
4522 x small hanging mirrors
453Round mirror
4548ft long pair of oars
4552 x small white oars
4561960s surveyor's staff
457Cowley levelling staff + automatic level
458Circa late 1800s coal scuttle
459Valor heater
460Cast iron hearth with tray
461Smoker's stand
462Gumball machine
463c1920s Everitt's timber trouser press
464Will Corry Special 5 iron golf club
465Crate of sporting equipment etc
466c1920s Besson & Co tuba (decorative)
467Standard lamp with nude shade
468Standard lamp with cream shade
469Deco lightshades - mottled blue & lemon
4702 x glass art deco wall sconces
471Large dome lightshade + 2 x butter glass shades
4724 x coloured glass lightshades
473Large map cabinet
474Retro coffee table
475Stamped 1952 Scandi side table
476Meat safe with drawer
4771927 Singer Sewing machine table
478Georg Jensen vase + crystal cut bowl & candle holders
479Glass bowl + 2 glass trays
480Dressing table
4813 x 1930s Fowlers Vacola No.15 preserving jars
482Zetland Airtite + SNH glass jars
483Large flagons, demijohn
484Kitchen hutch
485Oak 4 drawer filing cabinet
486White kitchen cabinet
487Arnott's biscuit tin + Griffith's Cocoa tin
488c1880s teacher's desk
489Oak 2 drawer filing cabinet
490Little blue side table
491Vintage high chair
492Antique cedar dropside service table on castors
4934 x glass light shades
494Deco lightshade AF + 2 round mottled white glass shades
495Art Nouveau style hanging light
496Table with Singer machine legs
4972 x wine racks
498White side table
4991899 Superior Grain drill end plate
500c1900-1920 Sun seed & fertiliser drill cast iron end
501Card table
502Assorted large wool stencils
503Wool stencils - letters & numbers
504Small wooden table
50510 x white light shades
506Box of assorted lightshades
507Industrial cabinet on castors
508Little blue pot cupboard
509Travelling trunk
510Large teal mirror
511Wooden serving trolley on wheels
512Wooden serving trolley on wheels
513Lot of Sunbeam mixmasters + parts
514Small kitchen table on castors
515Enamel bucket with Malleys oven door
516Crate with saw, tools, bee smoker etc
517Crate with horse hames etc
518Crate with pulleys, hooks
519Crate of Singer sewing machine drawers
520Blue Rota drawers + wooden box & contents
5212 x black wooden bench seats
522Vintage birdcage
523Coffee table
524Bag hooks + shoe lasts
525Little green cabinet
526Hand mower
527Hand harrow
528Martindale England machete
529Antique scythe
530Yellow stand
531Cane basket of light shades
5324 x boxes of light fittings
5337 x plastic boxes light fittings
5342 x plastic tubs lamps, light fittings
535Oak table
536School desk
5372 drawer oak filing cabinet
538Deck chair frame
539Insulator on post + phone
540Square laminate table
5412 x rustic benches
542Furphy Water Cart ends x 2
543Kitchen cabinet
5442 x sewing machine table stands
5452 x ladders
547Large farmhouse table
548Round dropside table
549White door table
550Set of 8 school house chairs
551Set of 6 painted chairs
5522 x Bentwood chairs
553White wool table
554Wool table
555Wool table
556Wool table
557Wool table
558Wool table


For further information, contact Rob on 0487 766 031 or Cathy on 0402 287 665.
Email:  [email protected] to receive auction catalogue.