First National Real Estate Mudgee - Property Manager

Thinking about becoming a Property Manager?

Many large organisations, both in private industry and the public sector have extensive real estate holdings.  It is essential for these to be utilised fully and efficiently, to be let and managed according to the circumstances and policies of the owners.  In order to keep the management of these properties in hand it is necessary to employ staff with a solid knowledge of administration, marketing and development.

A Property Manager will oversee and organise the letting of vacant properties, the selection of new tenants,
he preparation of the Tenancy Agreements between the landlords (owners) and the tenants, the collection of rents, the organisation of repairs and maintenance on the property and the payment of disbursement such as rates, insurances and mortgages on the property.
Property Managers can be in charge of the care of just a few individual investment properties for smaller property owners or in charge of huge “portfolios” looking after hundreds of properties or even high rise city commercial buildings or whole blocks of flats, offices etc.

Some Property Managers specialise in residential housing, others in shopping complexes, commercial office buildings and industrial factories.  Some work for large companies who handle a selection of all types of properties.