First National Real Estate Mudgee - Real Estate Salesperson

Considering a Career as a Real Estate Salesperson?

Without doubt, one of the most exciting careers within the real estate industry is the position of the Real Estate Salesperson.

The Real Estate Salesperson is responsible for acting, on behalf of the Real Estate Agent, as the property seller’s representative in negotiating with potential buyers of the property.

This role is multifaceted, as is the range and type of properties Real Estate Salesperson are called upon to sell.  Salespeople offer a range of services, similar to that of the Real Estate Agent, depending upon the type of property they are asked to sell.  One such service is organising the marketing of a property on behalf of the owner.  In order to select the most appropriate means of advertising the property to potential buyers the salesperson will research aspects of the property such as location, accommodation, the sale prices of similar properties recently sold in the surrounding area, the type of buyer the property would be most likely to attract and any special features of the property.  The salesperson uses this information to write effective, attention grabbing advertisements so that they may be able to attract buyers and provide them with as much information as required about the property.

The Real Estate Salesperson takes potential buyers to view the property and assists in negotiations between the potential buyer and the seller in regards to the sale price of the property and the term and conditions of the sale.

Real Estate salespeople are often called upon to work irregular hours, with a considerable amount of time spent working at nights and on weekends.  However, for the committed person this work is very satisfying and rewarding.

Personal Requirements
You should be a person who has the ability to relate to, communicate with and have a genuine empathy with all types of people.  You will need to be well organised, self disciplined, prepared to work long hours and be committed to a high level of customer service.
Basic Educational Requirements

The Property Stock & Business Agents Act requires any person who wished to operate in the field of sales to have completed a short, basic Real Estate training course prior to employment.  Only then with the Office of Fair Trading issue that person with a Certificate of Registration to operate as a Real Estate Salesperson.